Men's Shaving

Retaining the heritage of traditional wet shaving, we’ve carefully chosen ingredients in our shaving supplies that soothe, nourish and replenish the skin. Our traditional shaving tools and products, with smooth, stylish men’s razors, badger brushes and razor blades combine to fulfil the art of shaving and provide the closest wet shave you’ll ever have! At mnstyle each one of our customers will enjoy our men’s shaving services with his own sterilised blade and a brand new set of towels.

The main objective in a proper men’s shaving session is to prepare the skin of the faces so that it reaches the perfect temperature, soften itself and let the skin breathe and get ready to welcome the blade on it. That’s why the warm towel that will remain on your face for a couple of minutes, is considered the most important part of the session. It will let you relax and it will prepare your skin for the curation that you are going to enjoy.

The best way to shave is the traditional men’s shaving technique and in mnstyle we know how to do it properly! We use top shaving foam and brush to lay it on the face, then we apply the cream, using the brush so that all the hairs come out and eliminate the danger to remain even one of them inside the skin.

When the shaving session completes following your demands, clean and cut or simple one, don’t assume that you are ready to leave mnstyle! Men’s shaving is a process much more complicated than most of men think and in order to avoid a bloodshot face, we apply a warm towel that will clear out rags from the skin and the After that, a shave balsam will protect your skin from bacteria and contaminations. Last but not least a cold towel will make sure that the skin pores will close back to their normal state and your skin will feel smooth.

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