Beard Grooming

Beard grooming is a huge chapter in a modern’s man lifestyle especially during the last few years’ trend that requires a well groomed long beard. Every day more and more men decide to leave a long beard but unfortunately, most of the times looks totally unkempt or blowsy.

It is very important, since your want to grow a beard, to be well trimmed and elegant in order to reflect your personality. Your beard  is not just a few hairs covering your face.

To keep your beard clean and soft, we use our special oil. After shampooing your beard we apply the oil and by massaging it kindly, we ensure that your beard will feel really smooth. Then we cut down any excess hairs to achieve a perfect look.

The shape that your beard must have, depends on the shape and the angles of your face and of course on your personal style and demands. We always keep in mind your instructions and on the same time, we make recommendations on how to achieve the perfect final result.

Refusing to stand still, our barber’s corner continually updates and develops its offering to keep you ahead of trend! Book your appointment now and enjoy our unique services!